2017 Catalog - Nahuatl Collection

Once again, with renewed vigor and energy, we gladly present our brand new catalog! This time, we’ve returned to our roots to show you our very best work! And we couldn’t been happier!

Where did Mexports come from? That was the question that started a whole introspection process that ended with our new introductions and all-time best sellers.

When I started this business I wanted to share my culture with the world, I wanted to show everyone what Mexico is about: beauty, hard work, high quality, elegance… and that’s what has been in mind with every design I’ve made.

We are very proud to present our Nahuatl Collection that incorporates this whole dream to take a piece of my culture to every high-end home and furniture store.

From Xahqui (Accent Pieces) to Poctic Collection (Dinettes), we’ve put our hearts and soul on every piece of furniture we offer.

We hope you like it as much as we do!