The Beauty of Live Edge Tops

Interior design is all about flow and movement. Every element of the room should fit in and contribute to its overall aesthetics, in some way. That’s what most designers aim for when they work on a home or office. Every day, designers come up with new ways to add beauty and flow to a room. They want to create unique elements that would make their clients’ property stand out and look great. At Mexports Inc by SM , we work to keep up with these emerging trends and provide the latest products to our clients. One such emerging trend is stone live edge tops for furniture. This is our trend alert for 2016!


What is Live Edge?

The concept of live edge has been around for a while now and the trend is catching on. The edges on traditional wood or stone tops are polished to a smooth finish. This product has an edge that appears unfinished and natural. It’s rough, uneven and showcases the natural texture of the material.

The uneven finish is present only on the edges and not on the surface. You can choose to polish the stone or wood to a high-gloss shine. Some people prefer a natural look and hone the surface to a matte finish and that’s rustic and beautiful. Regardless of what finish you choose, this design will enhance the beauty of any room.

Uses of Live Edge Tops

You don’t need to worry about your table top not fitting in with the overall décor of your property. The live edge tops are very versatile. Whether you have a modern, contemporary design or a vintage cottage décor, this live edge top would fit right in. At Mexport, we offer beautiful travertine vein-cut stones with the live edge and owner Susana Molina believes that there are several uses of these tops, including:

  • Dining Tables – The travertine vein-cut dining tables with live edge would immediately attract the attention of your guests. These tables are rustic and majestic and they will dominate the entire room with their presence. These stone tops are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. So if you want a big or small dining table, you will get it here.
  • Coffee Tables – Live edge coffee tables will look elegant in any living room or entertainment room. These tables can look elegant, beautiful, and rustic at the same time and that’s why they immediately catch the eye.

  • Outdoor Furniture – Stone is possibly the best material for outdoor furniture. After all, it can withstand the elements better than any other material available today. You won’t have to worry about your travertine vein-cut live edge tables being damaged by rain or sun. Just a little care will ensure they will last for decades!

If you have any more questions about live edge tops or and our other high-end furniture, you’re free to contact us at Mexports by SM. You can call us on (956) 725 6441. You can also fill in this contact us form with your questions and comments. We’ll be very happy to help you in every way possible.

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