Our Handcrafted Wrought Iron Bases

 As Mexports by SM is always on trend, we are adding to our collection the eclectic, Choco Silver Finish on iron bases.

“Mexports by SM, where iron style exceeds your expectations,” has been our motto since the beginning of our company. 

The metal bases of Mexports furniture are handmade by Mexican Blacksmiths, each piece of metal is heated using a traditional charcoal fire, it is hand hammered on an anvil and carefully crafted to form the unique and delicate looking base.

Iron bases are entirely painted by hand , decorated with the lovely imperfections and warm patina distinctive of an antique crafted solid metal.

Our Exclusive Choco Silver Finish

Our exclusive Choco Silver collection has a Base of Chocolate Expresso Iron and a hand painted Silver finish. Whether it is on dining tables, coffee tables, occasional tables or consoles, this look will maintain it’s unique elegance and transmit it wherever the piece is placed.

Mixed with Travertine or Mesquite Wood Tops, the Choco Silver Finish will fit into all kinds of décor. You won’t have to replace the furniture piece when you change the décor or color of your home.

You can easily combine all of these elements or install them separately.

Enjoy this new collection:



If you have any more questions about choco-silver iron finish, or our other high-end furniture, you’re free to contact us at Mexports. You can call us on 956 725 6441. We’ll be very happy to help you in every way possible.

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