Oxidized Copper Patina Tops

Inspired by European designs, our Oxidized Patina Copper Tops are made by our gifted craftsmen that, following centuries of old metal working tradition, create this outstanding Hand Hammered Copper Table Tops. This technique allows us to produce a simple surface on the top that reveals the artisanal work behind it.



Crafted for durability and style, Oxidized Patina Copper Tops are protected with multiple coats of acrylic lacquer. The same used in automobiles! Obviously, this procedure assures that the color will not change over time because of this protection.


Every piece is unique, its distinct coloration and slight – but naturally beautiful – imperfection give an authentic Old World Look!

You can choose your OXIDIZED furniture piece from a variety of styles that go from simple and plain to a more elaborated model enriched with metal curves and even a fleur-de-lis. Create your own room look mixing and matching our three tips with our wrought iron bases and have a sensational room.

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