How to Properly Care for your Copper Table

Mesquite wood tables can be very durable and we protect all of our mesquite tops with a high-quality sealant, but they need proper maintenance and care in order to maintain their beautiful natural appearance.READ THE ARTICLE >

Square Dining Tables

Square Dining Tables Are you looking for a different and unique dining table that adds an extra touch to enrich your room with elegance? At Mexports by Susana Molina, we specialize in taking the beauty of God’s creation to your showroom! Our square dining collection was inspired for our adventurous clients who love the rustic contemporary […]READ THE ARTICLE >


Revel in our outdoor collection of marble travertine tops. Every piece of travertine is proudly handcrafted in an exclusive quarry in Southern Mexico. Overall, the tones of our tops vary from peach to rose and rust. Since it is stone, the tops are embellished with natural veining and color movement that make each and every […]READ THE ARTICLE >

The Modern Vintage Silver Finish

Silver Vintage Another trend in the design community- the silver vintage pieces. Silver color is clean, elegant, and fits the modern design preferences well. The hand-crafted look will blend well with the live-edge to give a room a very organic feel. If your overall décor looks too clean and modern, a silver vintage piece with […]READ THE ARTICLE >

Citrine: The Stone of Success

One of our favorite hidden treasures that can complement just about any furniture piece and make it unique are our Mesquite Wood Tops. The lovely thing about Mesquite is our ability to insert gem stones, like the beautiful and magical Citrine. By finding the natural creases created on our Mesquite Wood Tops, our artists can add […]READ THE ARTICLE >

Choco-Silver on Iron Bases

Iron Bases “Mexports by SM, where iron style exceeds your expectations,” has been our motto since the beginning of our company. The metal bases of Mexports furniture are handmade by Mexican Blacksmiths,each piece of metal is heated using a traditional charcoal fire, it is hand hammered on an anvil and carefully crafted to form the unique […]READ THE ARTICLE >

The Art & Science Behind Oxidized Patina Copper Tops

Inspired by European designs, our Oxidized Patina Copper Tops are made by our gifted craftsmen that, following centuries of old metal working tradition, create this outstanding Hand Hammered Copper Table Tops. This technique allows us to produce a dimple surface on the top that reveals the artesanal work behind it. Crafted for durability and style, […]READ THE ARTICLE >

Vein-Cut Cream Travertine

The vein-cut Cream Travertine Mexport by SM has never really been shy about experimenting with new designs, materials, and manufacturing techniques. We know that our customers expect the best from us and we’re willing to work hard to achieve that result. Our company has endeavored to produce interesting designs that can’t be found anywhere else. […]READ THE ARTICLE >