Live Edge, Light Colors, and Silver Vintage

The best way to add class and elegance to a room is to install vintage furniture that has light colors and doesn’t look machine-polished. There’s just something about this combination that works well and gives a classic look to any space. At Mexports, we understand that our customers want something eye-catching and unique and that’s why we recommend you consider live edge, light colors, and silver vintage furniture. This is perhaps the most elegant trend in the design space today.


What is Live Edge?

We have a separate article that describes the beauty and elegance of live edge but here’s a description in brief. Live-edge tops, unlike traditional table tops and countertops, don’t have smoothly finished edges. The natural texture of the wood or stone top is highlighted in this design and cut. Live edges add an organic, effortless look and feel to any room and ensure that your décor doesn’t look too flawless and clean. This helps with the flow of the design and adds a unique element to the piece. We offer live edges with a variety of materials but our travertine tops are some of our best sellers.


The Color Matters

Light colors fit in well with the modern color design preferences because they brighten the space and add a touch of sophistication. Light colors also pop against dark and vivid backgrounds and offer a great contrast. For example, a live-edge travertine tabletop
would look fabulous against a vine red or dark grey wall. Natural stones often come in pale colors that look classic and elegant when paired with the right design and base furniture. A combination of live edge and pale color will easily combine modern design aesthetic with a timeless elegance of vintage base furniture.

Light Color Coffee Table


Silver Vintage

That brings us to another trend in the design community- the silver vintage pieces. Silver color is clean, elegant, and fits the modern design preferences well. The hand-crafted look will blend well with the live-edge to give a room a very organic feel. If your overall décor looks too clean and modern, a silver vintage piece with live-edge top in pale color will bring back texture and flow.

Some people might be concerned about the pale theme but vintage silver can look quite dark with the right finish. Moreover, travertine has a warm and pale golden hue to it so the stone looks perfect with silver base furniture.

This trend has a timeless appeal and is flexible enough that it would fit into all kinds of décor. You won’t have to replace the furniture piece when you change the décor or color of your home. You can easily combine all of these elements or install them separately.

Silver Vintage Occasional Table
If you have any more questions about live edge tops, silver vintage pieces, or our other high-end furniture, you’re free to contact us at Mexports. You can call us on 956 725 6441. You can also fill in this contact us form with your questions and comments. We’ll be very happy to help you in every way possible.

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