Our Finishes

Our metal bases are hand-made by Mexican Blacksmiths. Each piece of metal is heated using a traditional charcoal fire. It is then hammered by hand on an anvil and carefully crafted to form the unique and delicate looking bases. All of our bases are hand-painted and are available in:

Rust Dark Brown, Coppertone, Vintage SilverChoco Silver, and Choco Espresso finishes.

The Wrought Iron offered by Mexports By SM is hand-crafted. Slight variations in the size, color and appearance should be considered as natural characteristics of hand-crafted merchandise.

Pine Wood Bases


These pedestals provide ample leg room for people sitting around the furniture. These Natural Wooden Bases are made of a Kiln-Dried Pine that provides a much superior resistance than others. With a wide variety of colors, we offer unlimited styles that can fit in any house decor. 


The Vintage Color Line is an entirely different collection. Since the beginning of Mexports by Susana Molina, we’ve been using wrought iron bases for our dining tables. But, we are in a constant search of distinct and different designs so we fell in love with the idea of creating a dining table with a wood base that would give us flexibility in the color of the base. Our Vintage Line did the job. Available in a variety of coloration, from the Vintage Silver to the Imperial Red, this collection lets you mix and match a wide assortment of combinations when choosing your top.