Our Leather Work

Our full grain leather is the best investment that you can possibly make. Mexico’s Tanneries were ranked 2nd best in all North and South America in 2013. Our full grain, pure aniline Chocolate leather is hand-tanned in Mexico at a 100 year old tannery and tumbled for nearly a day to achieve a warm finish.

The purity of the water used during the time-intensive process gives the leather a buttery-soft feel. Over time and with wear, the leather will develop a lighter patina and soft, supple feel. Various marks, scrapes, scars, or even the cow’s brands can be found on your chair offering a tremendous amount of character and variation in color and texture, making each piece unique.


All of these “natural colored” cowhides come from Brazil, the country that unquestionably produces the finest quality cowhides in the world. The leather of each one of our cowhides is very supple and soft, unlike so many other cowhides on the market today that can actually be quite stiff. In addition, our manufacturers do not use any of the harsh tanning solutions that can produce the unpleasant smell that many other cowhide products commonly have. Please keep in mind that 98% of all cowhides have patching and sewing in them. These markings are just part of “being a cow”.


Hair-on hides are natural and undyed. Inherent variations in coloring, hair length and texture make each hide unique and each piece one-of-a-kind; no two chairs or benches are exactly alike.


This Brazilian hide is a black striped stenciled zebra on natural off white. All of our “stenciled” animal print cowhides come from Brazil, the country that unquestionably produces some of the finest quality cowhides in the world. Each of the designs are “stenciled” onto a naturally colored cowhide. They will have the normal amount of shading, speckling and patching that 97% of all hides have. They will very likely be softer than what most companies have, as they come from one of the two best factories in Brazil.

They will have the least amount of the natural shading, speckling and markings that all cowhides have. Concerning color, since real zebras are not pure white but rather off white, these off white cowhides will look very realistic.