Our Tops & Edges


Our Travertine Tops are some of our more remarkable pieces. Each piece of Travertine has been formed over thousands of years and has been extracted directly from out exclusive quarry in Southern Mexico. Whenever you acquire one of our Travertine pieces, you are obtaining a one-of-a-kind item.

We offer several different edge options: Double Straight, Rounded, Bull-Nosed and Chiseled.

Our Peach Travertine comes in a lovely peach tone with some veining and color movement from a soft rose to a bold rust. Veining is a natural phenomenon which enhances the beauty of the stone and makes each top unique.

Our Cream Travertine has a more elegant coloration, featuring soft hues of color with light veining. Veining is a natural phenomenon which enhances the beauty of the stone and makes each top unique.

Our Travertine is 2” thick and is ideal for OUTDOOR USE.


Our mesquite has a swirling grain, colors and occasional wood grain defects offer a hidden treasure. Each of the panels and molding are cut by hand. Mesquite undergoes very little shrinking or swelling. Oak shrinks and swells about 8 times as much as mesquite. All of our mesquite tops are sealed with Polyurethane. 

Tops are offered in different edges: Beveled, Scalloped, Rounded Corners and Free Form. Thickness varies from 1 ½” for smaller pieces and 2 ½” to 3” for larger pieces.

Mesquite tops are for INDOOR USE ONLY.


For those clients who want to enhance their showroom even more, you can choose from our variety of Inlay Gemstones: Gold Citrine, Red Coral or the best-seller Turquoise. We also now offer our Hammered Copper Inlay.


Natural Copper Finish

Oxidized Copper Finish

Our copper is fired by hand, giving an individual and one of a kind finish with reddish to black patina. The copper is then wrapper around and glued to a plywood base. The copper top is protected with multiple coats of acrylic lacquer used on automobiles. Our copper tops do not change color over time.

And now, inspired by European designs, Mexports By SM presents our Oxidized Copper Tops. These pieces are made by our gifted craftsman, following centuries old metal working traditions to create these outstanding Hand Hammered Copper Tops. From Verdigris to Turquoise,  each top’s imperfections give it an authentic Old World Look and is a one-of-a-kind piece!


Thickness varies 1½” in smaller pieces to 3” on larger pieces. Available in round, square and rectangular tops.

Copper Tops are for INDOOR USE ONLY.



Nailed Copper Tops

Make your one-of-a-kind copper top even more unique! We offer copper tops with bold nails that are hammered into our copper tops by hand.