1212 C- Large Console

This beautiful large console is constructed of heavy gauged flat iron. The design combines the scroll legs and massive fur supports bars giving a substantive look.

Top Sizes Available:

    Peach or Cream Travertine: Double Straight Edge– 59”W X 19”L X 33”H

Peach or Cream Travertine: Chiseled Edge- 63”W X 23”L X 33”H

Mesquite Wood: Beveled Edge- 59”W X 19”L X 33”H

Mesquite Wood: Rounded Corners/Free Form Edge- 72”W X 24”L X 33”H

Natural or Oxidized Copper: Rounded Corners- 72”W X 24”L X 33”H

Natural or Oxidized Copper: Double Straight- 59”W X 19”L X 33”H

    Thickness: 2″


Available Tops & Edges:

Peach or Cream Travertine: Double Straight or Chiseled Edge

Mesquite Wood: Free Form, Beveled Edge, or Round Corners

    Available Inlays: Hammered Copper, Citrine, Turquoise and Red Coral

Natural or Oxidized Copper: Double Straight or Rounded Corners

    Hammered Nails available upon request

Available Bases:

Iron Bases: Dark Rust Brown, Choco-Silver, Coppertone, Choco-Espresso, Vintage Silver, Midnight Turquoise, Imperial Red, or Distressed Chocolate

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