How to Properly Care for Travertine Surfaces

Travertine Stone Tops Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Natural stone countertops can be very durable but they need proper maintenance and care in order to last. Natural stones are strong, but some are also porous and that makes them vulnerable to spills, debris, and dust. Travertine stone tops need to be cleaned and maintained well in order to look good for a long time and remain undamaged. It’s a good idea to develop good maintenance habits from the moment you install the stone in your home as that will help you avoid future problems.


What is travertine?

Travertine is a natural stone with a beautiful peach tone and natural veining that makes every countertop unique. The stone shifts in color from rose to rust depending on how the light hits the surface. Our stones are available with different edges, such as, double straight, bull nosed and chiseled.

Travertine stone tops maintenance – Do’s

These steps will help you maintain the travertine stone countertop and ensure the surface looks clean and attractive at all times.

  • Blot all spills immediately as liquids will sink into the porous surface and cause damage. That’s especially true for acidic liquids like coffee, wine, tomato sauce, sodas, and other such substances. These spills can damage the finish of the travertine stone and leave behind etching or stains.


  • Clean the surface regularly with soft cloth or sponges. Make sure the sponge or cloth is clean and doesn’t have anything that’ll scratch the polished surface. You don’t need anything more than hot water and the cloth to clean the travertine surface and remove daily dust and debris, as aggressive cleaners can damage the surface.


  • If your stone surface is becoming a little dull due to wear and tear, use a dry cotton or chamois cloth to buff the travertine surface and reveal its shine again. You can use a mild soap to remove the accumulated layers of dirt; you should only do this 3 to 4 times in a year.


  • Always use coasters under glasses, bottles, cups, and cans. Some drinks can cause etching and even water can leave behind stains if it has slightly acidic properties. You can avoid glass rings by using coasters as a barrier between the travertine countertop and the bottle or glass.


  • Use a tray to keep all toiletry bottles and containers on bathroom countertops. Like coasters, these trays will be a barrier between the containers and the travertine surface. Many toiletry products and solutions contain some form of acid or properties that can stain the surface. You can avoid permanent damage to the stone by using a decorative tray instead of placing the products on the countertop directly.

Travertine stone tops maintenance – Don’ts

Travertine stone countertops are porous and while we do take care to seal them before we ship them to the clients, the surface still needs careful handling. Here’s a list of mistakes that can cause damage to the stone:

  • Don’t use store-bought cleaners and solutions of any kind on the travertine surface, even if they’re considered suitable for marble surfaces. The products might contain chemicals, acids, and alkalis that can cause extensive and permanent damage to the surface. This damage might not happen immediately, but if you keep using the surface, it will become damaged over time. These agents will erode the sealant and make the travertine stone vulnerable to wear and tear.


  • Items like vinegar, ammonia, lemon, and oranges are often used to clean household surfaces but they’re not ideal for travertine countertops as they can cause extensive damage due to their acidic properties.


  • Don’t sit or stand on the countertops because too much weight will cause cracks in the surface and break the stone. Travertine does not have the resilience to bear that amount of weight unless they are affixed to a floor surface.


  • Don’t place any toiletry items like toothpaste, hair products, colognes, perfumes, creams, lotions, and nail products on the surface. They will cause permanent etching and stains.

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