Square Dining Tables

Square Dining Tables

Are you looking for a different and unique dining table that adds an extra touch to enrich your room with elegance? At Mexports by Susana Molina, we specialize in taking the beauty of God’s creation to your showroom! Our square dining collection was inspired for our adventurous clients who love the rustic contemporary look.

We are featuring The Coztic Collection and The Poctic Collection which are both square dining tables. The dimensions of these beautifully handcrafted dining pieces are 60″ x 60″ and they are available with a hand hammered copper top or mesquite wood top. These square dining tables are not offered with a travertine top due to the heaviness of the stone and our policy of safety and well-being of our customers.

Similar to our other Dining Collections, you can choose from hammered natural copper or oxidized patina, as well as mesquite wood tops that can be finished with a gemstone inlay upon request.

The Coztic Collection

This is a minimalist square dining table features a 1″ solid wrought iron stock with stunning scrollwork legs. With family in mind, we have created this piece to have round edges that offer absolutely no harm to kids or grown-ups.



The Poctic Collection

This versatile square dining table has an octagonal wood base that brightens any room, especially when made with an elegant vintage silver base as shown. This beautiful dinette lets you place 8 chairs around the table or you can even use benches to fit your whole family comfortably.


When choosing your dinette, we make it easy to have a custom piece of furniture that you are sure to love! You can go with our conventional dinette that features a mesquite or copper top with iron scrollwork legs or you can brighten your home with our Vintage Line. Our Vintage Line was designed for customers that want a modern look. Using a pine wood base gives us the opportunity to offer dinettes with a pop of color. We offer vintage silver, midnight turquoise, distress chocolate, and imperial red. These dinettes can be made with a mesquite top, copper top, or an oxidized patina top.

Another great way to enhance the beauty of your dinette is by adding a gemstone inlay to your mesquite wood top. We offer gemstone inlays in three different colors: citrine, red coral, and turquoise.

Now that you have picked out your perfect dinette don’t forget a few great pieces to accent your dinette. We offer beautiful candlesticks and serving trays that will compliment any dinette.

If you have any more questions about The Coztic Collection and The Poctic Collection or other square dining tables, please contact us at Mexports. You can call us at 956-725-6441. You can also fill in this contact us form with your questions and comments. We’ll be very happy to help you in every way possible.

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